burnt redwood trunk

I am a Linguistics PhD student at the University of Chicago, morpho-syntactician in the making, very amateur go player, and an enthusiastic dabbler of handcrafts.

Linguist’s Statement

I am interested in researching the systematic grammatical underpinnings of cross-linguistic variation, specifically with regards to how Syntax and its interfaces with morphological, phonological, and semantic systems facilitate and constrain the range of cross-linguistic variety in phenomena such as affixation and cliticization mechanisms, the availability of different types of ellipsis, the realization of agreement, and linearization of syntactic structures.

Linguistic Research Interests

  • Syntax, Morphology, Morphosyntax
  • Syntax Interfaces
    • Ellipsis (VP-E, Sluicing, Gapping)
    • Agreement
    • Agglutination
    • Linearization
  • Turkic Linguistics
  • Experimental Syntax

Outside Interests

  • Tea
  • Succulents
    • Favorite Genuses: Crassula, Haworthia, Gasteria
  • Wood-fired Pottery
    • Favorite Styles: Shino-yaki, Bucheong wares
  • Decorative Knotwork
  • Archery
    • Flavor: Olympic Recurve, Thumb-release Horsebow
  • Go
  • 3D Printing

Some bits and bobs just for fun

  • Autobiography blurb attempt in Middle Egyptian
    (feedback and corrections welcome) short bio in Middle Egyptian